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The Brudzew Commune is located in the eastern part of the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship (Great Poland Province), and it borders with the communes of Kościelec, Władysławów, Turek, Dąbie and Uniejów. The main road connecting two regional centers Koło and Turek run across the commune.

Natural values

There are the Landscape Protection Areas on the commune grounds, where as many as 30 plants species are under protection and 17 under partial protection. The commune has also its natural monument – the London Plane [Hybrid Plane] protected since 1979, with breast height perimeter of 450 cm and height of 20 m.

Historic buildings

The history of the Brudzew Commune dates back to the beginning of the 4th century, as the traces of contemporary settlements can still be found in the form of the Gothic parish church dedicated to St. Nicholas from the 14th century, rebuilt and extended c. 1730.

There are other historic buildings on the commune’s grounds, such as:

  • the branch church dedicated to the Holy Spirit – erected c. 1860 as the hospital church, built in baroque style
  • the palace and park complex – the palace built in eclectic style in the mid-19th century, situated in the central part of a vast landscape park, located on the southern side of the road from Władysławów to Brudzew.

Landscape and tourist attractions

The educational tourist walking and cycling routes “Bogdałów” run through the grounds of the Brudzew commune and through the Turek county, leading through the most interesting natural and landscape areas, connecting at the same time these areas with those transformed by the mining industry of the Adamów Brown Coal Mine. The diversity of terrain types, if only for the existence of the mine, makes the area an interesting tourist attraction for users of the routes not only from outside of the commune. The Warta Valley is another attractive place, from Uniejów to Nowe Miasto on Warta, which has been included in the Nature 2000 area and constitutes bird sanctuary of European significance.

The cultural and social events

The commune spares no effort to put its cultural and social events permanently into the regional events calendar. Among the most important social, cultural and sports events taking place in the Brudzew Commune there are:

  • the Plein-Air Workshop of Sculpture and Folk Handicraft, Brudzew (July – August) 
  • the Brudzew Days (June) 
  • the Castellan’s Races (May – June).


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