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The Kawęczyn commune is located in south – northern part of the the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship (Great Poland Province), within the lowlands belt called Kotlina Wielkich Dolin (the Basin of the Great Valleys) on the Wielkopolskie (Great Poland) Plains, at the state road nr 83 (Turek – Sieradz). The Teleszyna river’s landscape runs through the commune’s grounds, being part of the Landscape Protection Area of Uniejów.

Natural Values

In Kawęczyn, there is a park 6 ha, located by the late-classical manor house from the mid-19th century. In the park, there is a hornbeam and lime avenue, having 30 hornbeam trees and 50 lime trees each 100 – 300 cm in perimeter, being at present a natural monument. The area of Kawęczyn Commune was chosen by the black stork, as his nesting-site, which is an unusual ornithological event since the species is very rare and timid. Thanks to this species, one of a commune distinctive ornament are black stork`s nests, which number is 19.

Historic buildings worth seeing

Hotheads of historical buildings, visiting Kawęczyn commune should have in minds to visit:

  • neo-Gothic church, dedicated to Saint Andrew the Apostle in Tokary Pierwsze, from the mid of XIX century
    - The St. Matthias church in Głuchów – built on the base of the manor granary from the 2nd half of the 19th century 
  • the church dedicated to The Seven Sorrows of the Most Holy Virgin Mary in Kowale Pańskie – single-nave late classical church from 1847-1853 with neo-Romanesque details on the elevations 
  • Manor – Park complexes, small chapels and two post windmills, from XIX and the beginnings of XX century
    Emblems of commune

Not each commune can boast of emblem connected with its territory. The Kawęczyn commune has as many as two emblems. One of them is the black stork, previously mentioned – the second are horses.

There are two studs in the Kaweczyn community: the “Skarbiec” Stud in Młodzianów – where the Hucul (Carpathian) ponies are bred (this breed, due of small number of specimens and facing extinction became legally protected by the international organization for preserving animal genetic reserves) and the other one in Żdżary, which has gone into driving and horseback riding on the horses of the Wielkopolska (Great Poland) breed.

The events of commune

Kawęczyn Commune is famous for numerous social – cultural enterprises, taking up for the integration of inhabitants. Additional trump, as well as unquestionable attraction for both local society and tourists are studs, located in the area of commune and contests, organized for enthusiasts of horsemanship. The most important events are:

  • The Regional Horseback Contest in Show Jumping - May/June 
  • The Kawęczyn Communal Open Carriage Driving Championships – May/June 
  • “The Wielkopolskie Family Days” with its motto: “family is the main thing” – June/September 
  • “The Potato Feast” – September/October.

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