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The Kościelec commune is located in the eastern part of the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship (Great Poland Province), in the county of Koło, while its northern and partially the eastern border is determined by the Warta river. The Kościelec commune borders with the communes of Brudzew, Dąbie, Kramsk, Krzymów, Władysławów and Koło as well as with the town of Koło, with the main road 92, the regional road 470 and the expressway A2 running through the commune area.

The Landscape

The communal landscape is dominated by farmlands, with only small hills adding variety, yet the woods also make up a relatively large fraction of the area. On the commune’s lands there are also grounds with developed greenery such as parks, squares, tree-covered cemeteries, allotments, sports fields.

The historic buildings

There are many confirmed historic buildings under the restorer’s and archeological preservation, i.a.

  • a wooden Chapel of the Blessed Bogumił in Dobrów from 19th century, with baroque altars and sculptures
  • a Romanesque St. Andrew the Apostle Church in Kościelec, erected in 12th century, reflecting the successive architectural styles
  • a baroque Holy Trinity Church in Dobrów from 18th century
  • a classical Mail Roadhouse in Kościelec from the turn of 18th and 19th centuries
  • an eclectic Palace from the 19th century.

Places of interest

There are romantic ruins in the Palace Park, which is an interesting place in both archeological and tourist sense. In the park there are also a mosque and minaret, and an artificial cavern inlaid with volcanic tuff brought from Sicily. The beautiful scenery of this place makes it a wonderful setting for many newly-weds, also for those from outside the commune, who want to immortalize the most important day of their lives within this highly romantic atmosphere.
Social integration

The Kościelec commune is greatly involved in the development of its residents and in creating the feeling of attachment to the region. The best way to achieve these goals is to organize integration events for the residents, during which new friendships are made and at the same time the communal identity grows. Among the most popular social, cultural and sports events there are:

  • “The All Generations’ Event” (May) 
  • “Children's Day”, “Communal Football Championship” (June) 
  • “Firefighting Contest” (July) 
  • “Communal Harvest Festival” (September).

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