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The Malanów commune is located in the south – east part of the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship (Great Poland Province), on the Plateau of Turek, on the route 470 Kalisz – Turek, along the Malanów Wall.

Natural values

The communal grounds, despite being mostly agricultural, are marked by quite high forestage. The forests, which occupy as much as the quarter of the commune land, are rich with mushrooms and forest fruits. Their main attraction and at the same time the symbol of the Malanów Commnune is the Bartek oak, almost 600 years old now, a tree of impressive size, as well as the Scots Pine boasting a notable height. The lay of the land, the flora and the location of towns and interesting sights are the major factors providing full satisfaction from hiking and cycling trips.

The church buildings of historical value

Although the first notes concerning the commune date back to 12th century, few historic buildings have been preserved on its grounds, yet because of their charm visitors to the Malanów Commune cannot remain indifferent to them and pass by without taking a closer look. These are the following complexes:

  • - a wooden one-aisled Small Church in Malanów from 1873 devoted to St. Stanislaus and St. Nicholas
  • a bell tower, adjoining a church from 18th century, of pillared construction, topped with cone-shaped turret.

Tourist values

The people passing through the Malanów Commune would surely be delighted by the beautiful views stretching along the Malanów Wall. There are hills from which one can see the picturesque panorama of the commune and of the neighbouring communes, which acquires exceptional character at night-time, revealing the illuminated dwelling buildings and the sacred and secular monuments. At the base of the Malanów Wall, near Żdżenice, the Kiełbaska river has its source, the left-bank tributary of the Warta river, delighting the eye with its natural flow through the vast fields and forests.

Communal events

In the commune the Communal Centre of Culture and Sports acts dynamically, taking care of the cultural aspect of the lives of the commune’s residents, which is testified by numerous local events, e.g.

  • the annual celebration “the Malanów Days” (last weekend of May) 
  • harvest festival ceremonies (August)
  • and extraschool occupations and contests at the communal and county level, taking place throughout the whole year.


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