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The Turek commune is situated within the Turek county in the eastern part of the Wielkopolskie Voivodeship (Great Poland Province), surrounding the town of Turek, which is an autonomous town commune. At the same time, because of its location, the Turek commune is the only one that borders all of the remaining communes of the Turek county.

Natural values

There are interesting natural areas to be found on the commune’s lands – mostly forest marshes, small ponds, natural and semi-natural meadows, peat bogs, well-heads, forest clearings, moors, dunes, old river beds, fragments of minor forest habitats as well as fragments of well developed forest habitats with rich flora and fauna.

All the lands of the commune are located within the Warta river basin. The river Kiełbaska flows through the southern and eastern part of Turek commune, and the river Pokrzywnica runs in the western parts, both are small flows locally forming dense network of river branches.

Historic and church buildings

Among the places preserved from the past the most important and the most interesting for tourists are:

  • the Manor-Garden Complex in Słodków from the 19th century
  • the Small Chapels in Cisew, Kowale Księże, and in Słodków
  • the Railway Crossing Attendant’s House in Cisew from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries
  • the Paltrok Windmill in Słodków
  • the Post Windmill in Szadów Pański from the 2nd half of the 19th century.

Active Recreation

The commune has some areas of great scenic beauty on its lands located in the northern part on the grounds of the Landscape Protection Area of Złotogóra, where the Turek Forest District Office has organized several tourist routes for hiking and cycling: “Bogdałów”, “Zdrojki” and Educational Cycling Trail “Panorama”. There are also trails for hiking tourism mapped out in the vicinity of Obrębizna and Grabieniec, running through the hilly forest and farmland areas, leading to places connected to history, i.e. a monument to soldiers of AK (Home Army) from the Groźny Squad or a burial area of victims of cholera.

Horse riding admirers can actively relax in the commune’s areas, they will be delighted by the local stables and the grounds designated for riding.

Commune’s ceremonies

The commune by its activities aspires to integrate the community and enhance the sense of togetherness. One of the forms of residents’ integration are the events which are willingly and well attended by the whole generations of residents:

  • the Communal Harvest Festival (August) 
  • the Sports and Fire-Fighting Competition (June / July)

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