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The Władysławów commune is a country commune located in the eastern part of the Wielkopolskie Plains, on the strip of plains called Kraina Wielkich Dolin (the Land of Great Valleys), on the route of the A-2 expressway, and it neighbours with the communes of Kościelec, Brudzew, Turek, Krzymów and Tuliszków.

Tourist attractions

The considerable potential for the development of tourism and agritourism of the Władysławów commune lies in its natural conditions and in its cultural heritage reserves. The majority of the Władysławów commune’s area is perfectly suitable for enjoying tourism – hiking and cycling tours. Through the commune run both hiking trails, the Green one and the Blue one, and the cycling ones, which partially are tarmac roads and the rest are field and forest tracks without a hard surface, leading through the beautiful pine woods, mixed forests and high hills.

Natural values

Most of the commune’s grounds are encompassed within the boundaries of the Landscape Protection Area of Złotogóra, where the rare and protected Carlina acaulis i.e. stemless carline thistle can be found, as well as the common ivy, houseleeks and Siberian iris. The inundated clubmoss is well worth noticing, being the smallest clubmoss in Poland with its height of only up to 10 cm. The forests make habitat for many animal species among which wild boar, fox, roe deer, marten, Eurasian shrew and squirrel can be found. The vast stretches of forests are heaven for mushroom and bilberry pickers.

Historic buildings

There are many historic buildings attractive in respect of tourism. Among the most interesting one may find:

  • St. Michael the Archangel Church from 16th century in Władysławów
  • a classical presbytery from 1836 
  • a wooden church in Wyszyna, devoted to the Birth of the Virgin, built with means of the Rafał Gurowski foundation, the castellan of Przemęt
  • an evangelical church in Władysławów, from 1872 (now the Community Centre), built in neo-classicistic style, with a distinctive tympanum 
  • a rococo figure of St. John of Nepomuk from 1751 in Władysławów 
  • an 18th century figure of St. Lawrence in Wyszyna 
  • a church devoted to St. Joseph the Worker in Kuny 
  • a late gothic 17th century stone bell tower 
  • weavers’ cottages from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries in Władysławów 
  • ruins of the Renaissance magnate castle – Wyszyna.

Integration of the community

The cultural and sports events for which the commune is famous are as follows:

  • the Motorcycle Trial organized in May every year,
  • the Władysławów Days (last weekend of June),
  • the Baked Potato’s Festival at the Tarnowski Mill (September)
  • Streetball Władysławów contest (July),
  • the Mayor’s Cup Football Tournament (May).


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